Who we are?

ORIAZ Environment is established in the French Alps near Geneva.  All the manufacturing is made in France.  Our Engineering department performs bench tests and agronomic tests using professional R&D equipments.   We are conducting research on many new eco products.  For example, we are developping mycorrhizal inoculants to improve the health of the plants.  Those new eco aditives will reduce the need for conventionnal fertilizers and improve resistance to drought.

We export more than 90 % of our production. Our packagings are all printed in 6 languages ( FR-EN-DE-IT-ES-NL) and can be translated to your local needs. The director of ORIAZ Environment is a R&D engineer.   We are in contact with many labs in Europe, USA, Africa and Canada.  You are welcome to contact us if you are working on watering eficiency or new BioFertilizers.

When you buy the ORIAZ Solar-Dripper you take benefit of our research toward improved organic gardening methods.

> Retailors – contact us for a personalized proposal to join our eco retailor network.

ORIAZ Environment

4 Rue Saint François de Sales
74000 Annecy – France

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Tomato plants reaching 4.49 m on our test FLYER RECHERCHE + ARTICLE_solar-dripper

Epagny garden test Journal_Epagny_Metz-tessy

Technical publication from Normand Cossette  2015_08_20_irrigation_NORCO__Vegetalisation_miniere_Sc_Eaux_&_Territoires__Hors_serie_No_21