Solar Impulse Fundation

The ORIAZ Solar-Dripper watering system was awarded the Efficient Solution label by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

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Yes, jobs are being created and economic wealth is developing by better respecting the environment and natural resources.

Improving our environment is not ruinous or painful. We just have to change some habits.

The SolarIMPULSE foundation was launched by the scientist Bertrand Piccard who succeeded with his team and with the engineer André Borschberg the first world tour in solar airplane.

Sometimes the impossible becomes possible if we allow ourselves to create new solutions and to approach a problem with a new eye. The fully autonomous Solar Impulse aircraft traveled over 40,000 km including an incredible 5-day flight that no fossil fuel aircraft had ever achieved. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, this lace structure of composite materials has redefined the limits of aeronautics and given impulse to sustainable solutions. The SolarIMPULSE solar plane can fly indefinitely by recharging its batteries during the day and using energy at night to maintain its flight 24 hours a day.

The ORIAZ Solar-Dripper also has created a unique and innovative engineering approach using temperature variations as the flow motor rather than the traditional water pressure passing through a narrow restriction.

Our original method of operation allows the Solar-Dripper’s bioclimatic regulator to achieve flow rates that are 1,000 times lower than conventional drippers, achieve a 10 times better clogging resistance and, above all, it synchronizes the flow rate according to the needs of the plant.

This natural synchronization is a world premiere that we have been demonstrated by tests in Annecy and in Payerne.

These three advantages of the ORIAZ Solar-Dripper are obtained at a cost often inferior to the old technologies.

This drip system solves the problem of clogging and allows direct use of unfiltered rainwater or free fertilizer saving 72 € per year and 18 cubic meters of drinking water while preserving aquatic environments.

The performance and limits of drip irrigation are redefined with the Solar-Dripper.

This simpler, reliable and durable system is essential in case of drought. In Burkina-Faso it has been tested and the tomato crop uses less water and the production is of better quality.

The ORIAZ Solar-Dripper facilitates the planting of trees in popular reforestation projects as we did with Laricio pines in France in partnership with the NFB.

Thank you to our Swiss cousins ​​for this environmental initiative and for accepting ORIAZ a member of the World Alliance For Efficient Solutions.
With your support, we will be able to continue our research to develop new ways to preserve nature.

Robert Cossette, engineer and inventor of the ORIAZ Solar-Dripper.

Presented at the World Water Week in Stockholm 2019.

World Alliance for Efficient Solutions