World Water Week 2019

Thanks to the visitors at the French Water Partnership booth  during the World Water Week in Stockholm.

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Many visitors have tasted our symbiotic cherry tomatoes fertilized with urine.


Yes, in addition to be an effficient drip watering system, the Solar-Dripper is clogging tolerant and compatible with all types of synthetic or Bio fertilizers including urine.

At first we were also skeptical about this eco-idea already suggested by SEI, FAO, WHO and many scientific publications.

After trying urine in Annecy with corn, straberies, tomatoes and all our green plants and flowers we are amazed by the efficiency of this free fertilizer and the excellent quality of the fruits production.

The Solar-Dripper provides an efficient and reliable drip watering with two added gains : free fertilizer and a free natural sanitation of urine by precise irrigation.

After avoiding contacts with the leaves and applied at a suitable dosage, this fertilizer performs like commercial fertilizer and protect the aquatic environments.  Soil oxygenation with the Solar-Dripper improves the biological action and assimilation of nutrients.

Robert Cossette, Solar-Dripper inventor.

Press release:

We were honored by a VIP visit from India with Mr Rajendra Singh who won the Stockholm Water Price in 2015.

The Stand of India was very interesting with the project to clean up the Ganges.